­Translate English to Bosnian

To say “English” in Bosnian one can say “engleski” [енглески]. When one wants to say “the houses have electricity” this translates as “kuće imaju struju” [куће имају струју] and the English to Bosnian translation of “they are here” is “Oni su ovde” [Они су овде]. To say “Bosnian” one can use “bosanski” [босански]. The expression “that is true” would be “Тo je istina” [То је истина] and to say “that is a lie” the person could say “ Тo je laž” [То је лаж].

In Bosnian “small” translates as “malo” [мало] and to say “which flower do you want?” one might say “Koji cvijet želiš?” [Који цвијет желиш?]. If saying “What is your name?” the person could say “Kako se ti zoveš?” [Како се ти зовеш?]. If someone wants to say “what’s the meaning of this word?” the translation of this is “Šta znači ova riječ?” [Шта значи ова ријеч?] in Bosnian. If one wanted to say “the floor is wet” the speaker could say ”Pod je mokar [Под је мокар]. To say “how much is the train fare?” one could say “Koliko je karta za voz?” [Колико је карта за воз?].

The Bosnian language word for “truck” is “kamion” [камион] and “horse” translates as “konj” [коњ]. When one wants to say “I want to walk” the person could use “Hoću da hodam” [Хоћу да xодам]. If the speaker said “what is the problem?” then this would translate as “U čemu je problem?” [У чему је проблем?].

To say “money” one can say “pare” [паре]. The phrase “I want to see” translates as “Hоću da vidim” [Хоћу да видим] and to say “how much is this?” one can use “Koliko je ovo?” [Колико је ово?]. From time to time one might want to say something such as “the line is long” and in Bosnian this is ”Red je dugačak” [Ред је дугачак].

The word “food” is “hrana” [храна] and to say “meat” this would be “meso” [месо]. To say “I like cheese” one could say “Volim jesti sir” [Волим јести сир]. If someone wants to say “vegetables” then the statement “povrće” [поврће] can be used in Bosnian.

If a person wants to say “what is the cost?” then in Bosnian language one could say “Koliko košta?” [Колико кошта?]. If saying “I like to eat pasta and bread” then the person might say ”Volim jesti testo i hljeb” [Волим јести тесто и хљеб].

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