Bosnian words and phrases

In the Bosnian language some Bosnian words and phrases include “afternoon” which translates as “posle podne” [после подне] and to say “morning” one can use “ jutro” [јутро]. If someone wants to say “today” then one can use “danas [данас]. If a person says “mjesec” [мјесец] then this means “month” and if one wants to say “woman” this would be “žena” [жена] in Bosnian. To say “game” one can use “igra” [игра]. In the Bosnian language, “inside” is “unutra” [унутра] and to say “ball” the translation is “lopta” [лопта]. When saying “museum” one could use “ muzej” [музеј] and the phrase “where is the road?” would be “Gde je put? [Гдје је пут?].

To say “far” one could say “daleko” [далеко] and to express “Is the ocean far?” one might use “Je li okean daleko?” [Jе ли океан далеко?]. Additional Bosnian words and phrases are “vodič” [водич] which means “tour guide” and to say the phrase “Are you my tour guide?” one could say “Jesi li ti moj vodič?” [Јеси ли ти мој водич?]. When saying “I eat rice” one could say “Јedem rižu” [Једем рижу]. In Bosnian, “Ja idem na posao” [Ја идем на посао] means “I go to work” and “Ja živim u apartmanu” [Ја живим у апартману] means “I live in an apartment.”

To say that “I like to read” the speaker could say “Volim da čitam“ [Волим да читам] and when saying “I understand the language” the translation of this is “Razumijem jezik” [Pазумијем језик]. Additional Bosnian language phrases include “Kupujem hranu“ [Купујем храну] which means “I buy food” and to say “I want to see” this translates as “Želim da vidim” [Желим да видим].

If someone says “rano” [рано] this means “early” and to say “I ask a question? one could use “Pitam pitanje” [Питам питање]. In Bosnian, “prošla sedmica” [прошла седмица] means “last week” and to say “light” would be “svjetlo” [свјетло].

To say “you do not want to go” the translation of this is “Ti ne želiš da ideš” [Tи не желиш да идеш] and the statement “when will the flight arrive?” would be “Kada će stići avion? [Кадa ће стићи авион?]. If someone says “ Skini svoje cipele” [Скини cвоје ципеле] this could be translated as “remove your shoes“ and if a person says “Uživajte u svom boravku [Уживајте у свом боравку] this means “enjoy your stay.” The statement “majica” [мајица] means “shirt.” The word “jabuka” [јабука] means “apple.”

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