Bosnian Words, and Phrases and the Meaning in English

The following are some Bosnian words and their meaning. To say “shoes” in Bosnian the word “cipele” [ципеле] can be used. A word for “room” in the Bosnian language is “soba” [соба] and to say “Is the room expensive?” one could say Jel’ soba skupa? [Јел’ соба скупа?]. In Bosnian, when saying “window” one could say “prozor” [прозор] and the word for “bed” is “krevet” [кревет]. If asking for a room for two people the speaker might ask “Can I have a room for two people?” and this translates as “Mogu li dobiti sobu za dvije osobe? [Могу ли добити собу за двије особе?] in Bosnian.

The word “pod” [под] in Bosnian means “floor” and “peškir” [пешкир] means “towel.” To say “soap” in Bosnian the word “sapun” [сапун] can be used. To say “I need a pillow” the speaker might say “Treba mi jastuk” [Треба ми јастук]. In the Bosnian language the word “žuta” [жута] means “yellow” and “zelena” [зелена]means “green.” If someone says “Putovaću autobusom” [Путоваћу аутобусом] this means “I will travel by bus.” The sentence “I am a tourist” can be translated as “Turista sam” [Туриста сам] and “Jel’ taksi jeftin?” [Јел’ такси јефтин?] means “Is the taxi cheap?”

Other words used in Bosnian include “stranac” [странац] meaning “foreigner” and “stati” [стати] means “stop.” If a person said “U čemu je problem?” [У чему је проблем?] it means “is there a problem?” If someone wanted to say “market” the translation of this would be “pijaca” [пијаца]. The statement “ona je visoka” [oна је висока] is saying that “she is tall.”

In Bosnian the statement “Kuće su nove” [Куће су нове] translates as “the houses are new.” To say “It is a beautiful office” the translation of this is “Kancelarija je prelijepa” [То је прелијепа канцеларија] and to say “can I see the map?” this could be translated as “Mogu li vidjeti mapu?” [Могу ли видјети мапу?].

Other things that might be said in the Bosnian language include “slika” [слика] which means “picture” and to say “your favorite music” this would be “tvoja omiljena muzika” [твоја омиљена музика] in Bosnian. To say “he works in an office” in Bosnian the translation is “On radi u kancelariji” [Oн ради у канцеларији]. If someone says “we drink orange juice” this would translate as “Mi pijemo đus od narandže [Mи пијемо ђус од наранџе] and to say “you arrive early” the person could say “Ti dolaziš rano” [Tо долазиш рано].

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