English to Bosnian Translation

An English to Bosnian translation of “I cook rice” would be “Kuvam rižu” [Кувам рижу]. In Bosnia to say “butter” one can say “puter” [путер] and when referring to “corn” the person can use “kukuruz” [кукуруз]. To say “receipt” this would be “račun“ [рачун]. If someone wants to say “yes, it is correct” then this would be “Da, tačan je” [Да тачан је] and to say “clothes” one could say “garderobu” [гардеробу].

To say “I have many friends” one could say “Imam puno prijatelja” [Имам пуно пријатеља] while to say “I visit many places” one can use “Posjećujem mnogo mjesta” [Посјећујем много мјеста]. If one wants to state “what is his name?” then one could say “Kako mu je ime?” [Како му је име?] and to say “where are you from” then the person could say “Odakle si?” [Одакле си?].

When translating from English to Bosnian, the sentence “where do you live?” would be “Gdje živiš?” [Гдје живиш?]. A person who wants to say “I do not understand” might say “Ne razumijem” [Hе разумијем].

To say “head” in Bosnian, one can use “glava” [глава] and someone who wants to say “hand”could say “ ruka” [рука]. The statement “I see” is “Vidim” [Видим] in the Bosnian language and to say “I see your face” this would be “Vidim tvoje lice” [Видим твоје лице]. The word for “face” is “lice” [лице].

To say “eye” in Bosnian one can say “oko” [око] and to say “eyes” one can say “oči [очи]. The statement “close your eyes” translates as “ zatvori svoje oči” [затвори cвоје очи] whereas “open your eyes” can be translated as “Otvori svoje oči” [Отвори cвоје очи]. The word for “hair” is “kosa” [коса].

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