Good evening in Bosnian and Good night in Bosnian

To say “good evening” in Bosnian the phrase “dobro veče” [добро вече] is used. If one wants to say “good evening Sir” one could say “dobro veče gospodine” [добро вече господине]. When saying “good evening, Madam” the translation of this is “dobro veče gospođo” [добро вече госпођо].

In Bosnian the sentence “I said good evening” is “Rekao sam dobro veče” [Рекао сам добро вече] and “good evening father” translates as “dobro veče oče” [добро вече оче].
If someone says “I had a good evening yesterday” this would be “Proveo sam dobro veče juče” [Провео сам добро вече јуче] in the Bosnian language. To say “the teacher told them good evening” the translation of this is “Nastavnik im je rekao dobro veče” [Наставник им је рекао добро вече].

The phrase “Dobro je veče za rad” [Добро је вече за рад] can be translated as “it is a good evening to work.“ If someone wanted to say “was your evening good?” the person could say “Da li si proveo dobro veče” [Да ли си провео добро вече]. To translate “they had a good evening yesterday” to Bosnian, the person could say “Juče su proveli dobro veče” [Јуче су провели добро вече].

In the Bosnian language, when saying “good night” one can say “laku noć” [лаку ноћ]. Someone who says “Laku noć mama” [Лаку ноћ мама] would be saying “good night, Mom” and if the person wanted to say “Good night to you” then the person might say “Laku noć” [Лаку ноћ].

When a person tells another “good night, sleep well” in Bosnian this would be “Laku noć, fino spavaj” [Лаку ноћ, фино спавај]. To say “good night, see you tomorrow” would be “Laku noć, vidimo se sutra” [Лаку ноћ, видимо се сутра]. In Bosnian “She said good night” translates as “Rekla je laku noć” [Рекла је лаку ноћ] and “good night, take care” is “Laku noć, čuvaj se” [Лаку ноћ, чувај се]. The sentence “I told them good night” would translate as “Rekao sam im laku noć” [Рекао сам им лаку ноћ].

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