Hello in Bosnian

In Bosnian to say “hello” one can use “Zdravo” [здраво]. To tell someone “good day” the phrase “dobar dan” [добар дан] can be used. If a person said “Zdravo razrede” [Здраво разреде] this would translate as “hello class” and if saying “hello, where have you been?” then the person might say “Zdravo, gdje si bio?” [Здраво, гдје си био?]. The phrase “good day teacher” is “Dobar dan nastavniče” [Добар дан наставниче] in Bosnian and “Zdravo, gdje je kuća?” [Здраво, гдје је кућа?] would mean “hello, where is the house?”

To say “she said hello” the translation is “Ona je rekla zdravo” [Она је рекла здраво] and if one wants to say “hello Sir” the one could use “Zdravo gospodine” [Здраво господине].

In the Bosnian language, to say “Hey!” people at times use “Hej” [хеј] and if saying “have a good day” one might hear “Ugodan dan” [Угодан дан]. Another expression in Bosnian is “Zdravo, jeste li dobro?” [Здраво, јесте ли добро?] and it means “hello, are you alright?”

If someone said “Hello Madam” the Bosnian translation of this is “Zdravo gospođo” [Здраво госпођо] and to say “he said hello” then the person would say “On je rekao zdravo” [Он је рекао здраво].

To say “good evening father” the speaker might use “dobro veče oče” [добро вече оче] and if saying “good evening my son” then the person might say “dobro veče sine” [добро вече сине]. In Bosnian “Dobro jutro prijatelji” [Добро јутро пријатељи] translates as “Good morning my friends.”

If one wanted to say ”good afternoon, Mom” then the translation of this is “Dobar dan mama” [добар дан мама] and the expression “Dobro jutro svima” [Добро јутро свима] means “good morning everyone.” The expression “Drago mi je što sam Vas vidio“ [Драго ми је што сам Bас видио] means “it is good to see you.“ If one wants to say “nice to meet you“ then the person can say “Drago mi je“ [Драго ми је].

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