How to Learn Bosnian

There are various ways how to learn the Bosnian language. Among the ways are to “visit Bosnian language sites” and this would translate as “Posjetiti stranice na bosanskom” [Посјетити странице на босанском] in the Bosnian language. Other ways of learning Bosnian are to “watch Bosnian films” which translates as “gledati bosanske filmove” [гледати босанске филмове] and to “memorise Bosnian words” which is “Zapamtiti bosanske riječi” [Запамтити босанске ријечи] in Bosnian.

Other possible ways of how to learn Bosnian include “practice speaking Bosnian with a native speaker” and this is “Vježbati bosanski s Bosancem” [Вјежбати босански с Босанцем] and another way of learning Bosnian is “read the Bosnian words aloud” which is “Čitati bosanske riječi naglas” [Читати босанске ријечи наглас].

Some people who are learning the language “watch Bosnian television shows” and this is “gledati bosanske emisije” [гледати босанске емисије] while some choose to “learn new words from a dictionary” which translates as ”učiti nove riječi iz rječnika” [учити нове ријечи из рјечника].

There are other ways of learning the Bosnian language and these include using material to “learn common Bosnian phrases” and in Bosnian this is “naučiti česte bosanske izraze” [научити честе босанске изразе].

Another way is to “take a Bosnian language class” and in Bosnian this is “ići na čas bosanskog jezika” [ићи на час босанског језика]. Another possible way of learning the language is to “listen to the language being spoken” which is “slušati jezik koji se govori” [слушати језик који се говори].

Memorising word lists can be an effective way to learn a language. Learning common words can be effective. In Bosnian, “vrata” [врата] means “door.” The word “ključ od sobe” [кључ од собе] means “room key” and “srce” [срце] means “heart.” To say “breakfast” one can say “doručak” [доручак] and to say “milk” the word “mlijeko” [млијеко] can be used.

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