How to say I love you, I miss you and related expressions in Bosnian

In Bosnian, to say “love” one can say “ljubav” [љубав] and to say “I” one can use “ja” [ја]. To say “I love you” in Bosnian this is “Volim te” [волим те] and to say “we love you” the speaker could say “mi te volimo” [ми те волимо]. Someone who says “Volim te sestro” [волим те сестро] is saying “I love you my sister” while to say ”I love you, mother” would be “volim te mama” [волим те мама].

In the Bosnian language to say “he loves his car” one could use “On voli svoje auto” [Он воли своје ауто] and to say “she loves ice cream” the person might say “Ona voli sladoled” [Она воли сладолед].

When saying “they love to eat” this can be translated as “oni vole jesti” [они воле јести]. If the speaker said “I love to read” then the translation of this is “volim čitati” [волим читати]. If the listener hears “Volim tu majicu” [Волим ту мајицу] then the other person is saying “I love that shirt.”

To say “miss” in Bosnian one can say “nedostajati” [недостајати]. When saying “I miss the car” this translates as “Nedostaje mi auto” [Недостаје ми ауто] and to say “I miss the city” the person could say “Nedostaje mi grad” [Недостаје ми град ]. If wants to express that “I miss cooking” then he or she could say “Nedostaje mi kuhanje” [Недостаје ми кухање ] and to say “he missed the bus” one could say “Propustio je bus” [Пропустио је бус].

When one wants to say “I missed the bus” one could say “Propustio sam bus” [Пропустио сам бус]. In Bosnian, “I missed the taxi” translatres as “Propustio sam taksi” [Пропустио сам такси].

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