How to Speak Bosnian

In order to learn to speak Bosnian, one should practice saying the words. Some possible ideas of ways how to learn to speak Bosnian include: record yourself speaking the Bosnian language and listen for errors. Have a native speaker offer tips on how to improve pronunciation when speaking.

Listen to audio and repeat what you hear; if there are questions being asked then try to respond in Bosnian. Try to watch television programs where they might speak slowly and the pronunciation may be better heard.

Another idea is to listen to Bosnian audio at a slower speed and there are many audio software that allow the user to slow down or speed up the audio. Listening to a slow version might help a beginner to learn to speak Bosnian. Use a dictionary to find the meanings of words and vocabulary. Being able to look up new words is essential.

Set a schedule and practice speaking Bosnian. Stick to the schedule. If there online resources available then use them. Having live chats using the language, listening to media, watching the news in Bosnian, movies with subtitles are good ways to learn words. In addition, using language software, taking classes with a tutor, enrolling in activities where there are large number of speakers are some of the ways to consider when wanting to learn Bosnian.

Speaking with native speakers in the Bosnian language is important in order to learn the language. A native speaker can offer valuable feedback and helpful advice.