Learn to Speak Bosnian

When one wants to learn to speak Bosnian there are various methods that can be used. One such method is to “learn Bosnian vocabulary” which translates as “učiti bosanske riječi” [учити босанске ријечи] in Bosnian. Another way is to “learn Bosnian expressions” which is “učiti bosanske izraze” [учити босанске изразе] in Bosnian.

Another method is to “take foreign language classes” which translates as ”ići na časove stranog jezika” [ићи на часове страног језика]. Some people “memorize lists of words” and this phrase translated to Bosnian is “zapamtiti listu riječi” [запамтити листу ријечи]. Some who are learning the language may choose to “memorize lists of words” which is “zapamtiti listu riječi” [запамтити листу ријечи] but one should not forget to “practice the words with friends” and in Bosnian this is “vježbati riječi s prijateljima” [вјежбати ријечи с пријатељима].

Some common vocabulary one may come across when learning to speak Bosnian includes “speak” which is “govoriti” [говорити] in the Bosnian language. To say “book” one can say “knjiga” [књига] and when saying “dictionary” the person could say “rječnik” [рјечник]. In addition, there are phrases and expressions which are used in Bosnian and these include “I want to learn Bosnian” which can be translated as ”Želim da naučim bosanski” [Желим да научим босански] and if someone said “I like to speak Bosnian” this translates as “Volim pričati bosanski” [Волим причати босански].

Other things a person learning to speak Bosnian may learn to say include “I do not speak Bosnian” and in the Bosnian language this would be “Ne govorim bosanski” [Не говорим босански] and the statement “I do not understand spoken Bosnian” would be “Ne razumijem govorni bosanski” [Не разумијем говорни босански].

The word for “bank” is “banka” [банка] and to say “take me to the bank” the person could say “Odvedite me do banke” [Одведите ме до банке]. To say “vocabulary” in Bosnian one could use “rječnik” [рјечник]. In the Bosnian language “riječi” [ријечи] means “words” and “fraze” [фразе] means “phrases.”

If someone wanted to say “the bus stop is near” in Bosnian, then one might say “autobuska stanica je blizu” [аутобуска станица је близу] and to say “embassy” this would be “ambasada” [амбасада] in Bosnian. The statement “I will go to the embassy” translates as “Idem u ambasadu” [Идем у амбасаду]. If one wants to say “the girl is her friend” then one would say “Djevojka je njena prijateljica” [Дјевојка је њена пријатељица] in Bosnian.

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