Learn to Speak Bosnian using audio:

  • Listen to Bosnian audio and hear thousands of Bosnian vocabulary
  • The audio contains Bosnian words, expressions, phrases and common vocabulary
  • The words in the audio are spoken by a native Bosnian speaker of the language.
  • Hear the pronunciation of many words in the Bosnian language
  • Learn many common words in Bosnian and the meaning in English
  • The English meaning (translation) of the Bosnian words, phrases, and expressions are given
  • The material is suitable for beginner level to intermediate level

Information in the Bosnian audio and text includes:

  • Words for Greeting People and Responses to Greetings
  • Words for Family (how to say: mother, father, cousin etc)
  • Find some Common Questions and Responses to those Questions
  • Words and Phrases Used When Asking or Getting Directions
  • Words and Vocabulary that are often used at an Airport, Market, Hotel, When taking a taxi
  • The Conjugations of some verbs in the Present Tense, Past Tense, and Future Tense
  • Adjectives, Conjunctions, Definite Articles
  • Words Used when Shopping, Words related to Entertainment, Words related to Relationships
  • Vocabulary and Phrases Related to Traveling, Ordering Food
  • Vocabulary related to Languages, Countries
  • Words for Going Out and Sight Seeing
  • The names used for the Days of the Week
  • The Months of the Year
  • and much more (words for colors, words used for people and professions etc etc)

More About the Bosnian Audio and the Text Transcript

  • The audio and the Text Transcript can be used together (recommended) or they can be used separately.
  • After purchase, the audio and text are available for download.
  • The audio is in English and the Bosnian translation is given for targeted words, phrases,vocabulary, expressions, examples
  • The Text Transcript is written in English, the English transliteration and many words are written in the Bosnian script.
  • The English word/sentence/phrase/expression is given then the Bosnian meaning is given

More about the Text Transcript

  • Words are written in transliterated English and in the Bosnian script.
  • Here is a snap shot from the Text Transcript

About the Audio:

  • The audio length is over 13 hours.
  • The audio can be played in many mp3 players.
  • The audio comes with a Text Transcript
  • Both the audio and Text Transcript and are available for Download.
  • The audio can be used separately or with the Text Transcript. Using the audio and text together is recommended but they can be used separately.

The Bosnian Audio and Text Transcript are $37.00 but consider the following:

  • The Bosnian and Text are less expensive than repeatedly hiring a tutor and having to pay repeatedly for ongoing lessons.
  • The Bosnian audio and text transcript contain A LOT of information in both audio and written format
  • You pay one time for these Bosnian audio and the Text Transcript

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